Navigating the regulatory landscape since Sarbanes-Oxley

Bridgepoint has been entrenched in the world of SOX since its inception. We have a deep understanding of the complexity and expectations of planning and delivering SOX readiness and compliance services. We also understand the importance of collaborative relationships with client teams, audit committees and external auditors.

With years of experience, we’ve learned how to meet the rigorous demands of the regulatory environment and communicate with auditors and audit committees within a risk-based framework. Our team’s objectivity and assessment quality can reveal internal control over financial reporting improvement opportunities and allow external auditors to rely on third-party work. And, we can flexibly scale to your specific needs and level of support.

Our SOX Compliance experts can help you:

  • Plan, perform risk assessment and define scope
  • Document significant processes and related entity-level, financial, application and IT General controls
  • Identify key internal controls covering financial statement assertions
  • Assess design effectiveness of internal controls, including document walkthroughs for reliance by auditors
  • Perform and document internal control operating effectiveness testing
  • Evaluate individual and aggregate deficiencies and consult on remediation actions
  • Report results to process/control owners, management, and Audit Committee

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